Creating Equitable Access

We are a nonprofit pharmaceutical organization working toward a world where all women have access to the medicines they need.

Our Mission

To catalyze equitable access to

medicines & devices through

product development, policy advocacy,

and collaboration with U.S. and

global partners.

Our Purpose

All women, regardless of socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, or background deserve access to medicines and the stability it provides in order to support their physical health and wellbeing.
However, current systems have failed to ensure that all women have reliable and equitable access to necessary medicines and quality healthcare. This results in a host of complex, interrelated challenges to access, precluding many women from life-altering medicines.
Despite increases in insurance coverage in the U.S., many women still lack meaningful access to medicine because of high out-of-pocket costs and limitations in the medications that insurers will cover
Nearly 13.9 million women across the U.S. live in poverty. More than 10.3 million women are completely uninsured, and roughly 15 million women rely on Medicaid for health coverage1
Reimbursement for family planning care at publicly funded clinics in the U.S. fails to keep pace with the costs of buying and stocking women’s health products and providing related services
Investment in women’s health research and drug development – including birth control and treatments for common conditions such as uterine fibroids, menopause symptoms, and pelvic pain has been historically limited
In 2019, it is estimated that 218 million women had an unmet need for modern contraception worldwide , with 27% aged 15-24 and 60% living in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia2
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Our Approach

As a nonprofit pharmaceutical organization focused on women’s health, Medicines360 is committed to developing products that enable more access for women by:

Identifying gaps through research and analysis

Conducting pharmaceutical development to bring new products to market

Engaging in values-aligned strategic collaborations that further our mission

Leveraging philanthropic investment

Our longstanding commitment to addressing unmet needs in healthcare by working alongside stakeholders and providers is also reflected in the work we do through our subsidiary, Curae Pharma360 Inc, which is focused on improving the availability of quality generic drugs and other medicines that are in short supply.

Our Work

Research into unmet needs in women’s health, developing new products, and collaborating with values-driven organizations are central to advancing our work.

As a mission-driven nonprofit pharmaceutical organization, we are passionate about leveraging science to develop effective medicines and devices that close access gaps for women around the world. Our highly skilled team of scientists, regulatory experts, clinicians, and public sector engagement associates are dedicated to not only bringing products to market, but also ensuring that women have equitable access to our products in the U.S. and globally.

U.S. Accomplishments

Conducted the United States’
largest &


Phase 3 clinical trial ever on a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD)

Made our hormonal IUD available to more than
1.5 million

women throughout the United States

publicly funded clinics throughout the U.S.

Saved the U.S. public healthcare system over an estimated
$166 million

Global Efforts

Medicines360, through its wholly owned subsidiary Impact RH360, is working to make our hormonal IUD available in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Central America and the Caribbean under the brand name Avibela™.

AVIBELA can be made available in the 88 countries shown in the map below. AVIBELA is currently registered Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

(81 countries)

(7 countries)

World map with countries in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Central America and the Caribbean highlighted in purple and magenta.

* As of November 2022

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Healthcare Access is Essential

Medicines360 is committed to helping bridge gaps in women’s health.

To ensure that we’re filling unmet product development needs, we actively conduct research among U.S. women and healthcare providers to understand the evolving experience of accessing healthcare.

We have found that: 


of women have experienced at least one challenge accessing women’s health services3

More than
10 million

women are completely uninsured4

Roughly 15 million

women rely on Medicaid for healthcare coverage5

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