Our Work

Founded in 2009 because the most effective forms of reversible contraception were too expensive and out of reach, Medicines360 is a nonprofit pharmaceutical organization that prioritizes women over profit to ensure equitable access to medicines.

Today, our focus is to develop and provide a broader range of high-quality products that will help fill gaps in women’s health. Our experience in drug development, clinical trial research, and regulatory affairs makes us uniquely positioned  to address the high cost of medicines.

Identifying gaps through research and analysis
Continually assess the market to identify barriers women face in accessing the health products they need
Conducting pharmaceutical development to bring new products to market
Researching new drug formulations and device designs

Conducting clinical trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy of drugs and devices

Navigating the regulatory process to ensure medical products meet high standards for approval
Engaging in values-aligned collaborations that further our mission
Forming key relationships with nonprofits, pharmaceutical companies, and global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are critical to helping develop, distribute, and market medicines in the U.S. and globally
Leveraging philanthropic investment
Seeking funding from philanthropy to help fill important gaps in product development and access
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U.S. Accomplishments

Medicines360 conducted the United States’ largest and most diverse Phase 3 clinical trial ever on a hormonal IUD. To date, in collaboration with our commercial partner, we have made our hormonal IUD available to more than 1.5 million women throughout the United States. Our work in the public sector has also served approximately 2,500 publicly funded clinics throughout the U.S., saving the public healthcare system over an estimated $166 million.

A female researcher in a lab developing medicines that women need.

Despite the increased number of women who have been able to obtain an affordable contraceptive option, there is more to be done to truly realize equitable access to the medicines that women need.

Increased philanthropic investment to offset the high cost of product development, research, and regulatory fees can allow the nonprofit pharmaceutical industry to fill gaps and ensure equitable access to medicines.

Our Global  Work

We also make our hormonal IUD available to women in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean, under the brand name Avibela™. An estimated 218 million women in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have an unmet need for modern contraception. Adoption of modern contraception like the hormonal IUD could help reduce unintended pregnancy rates by up to 68%, unsafe abortions by up to 72%, and maternal deaths by up to 62%.3

We work with global and local distribution partners to make AVIBELA4 available to women in LMICs, including ministries of health, global procurement agencies and wholesalers, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations. Together, we can expand equitable access to new innovations in women’s health globally.

Advancing a New "Nonprofit Pharma" Model

We believe nonprofit pharma can help transform the healthcare system by ensuring more equitable access to life-altering medicines. 

Unbeholden to shareholder interests, our model is catalyzing increased access to affordable medicines, often through publicly funded providers. By developing products that address unmet medical needs we aim to expand both access and choices for women’s health.

Nonprofit Pharma Model

Our Strategic Priorities

Complex problems require multi-faceted, long-term solutions. As a social enterprise, we are driven to help make equitable access to medicines a reality for women. Our organization has developed momentum to address one of the most pressing issues that plague our current system – the high cost of drugs that prohibits access for many women. We will continue engaging with stakeholders and philanthropic donors to bring new and expanded resources to our work in product development, policy advocacy, and public sector engagement.

Since our founding in 2009, we have learned critical lessons that have informed our priorities for the next chapter in our pursuit of equitable access.

Key Priorities

Grow Our Impact

Expand the portfolio of women’s health products that increase access and/or healthcare choice

Capitalize on Our Success

Maximize our impact and act as a catalyst for change

Deliver on Medicines360’s Promise

Expand AVIBELA's global impact

Create Points of Leverage In the Community

Develop strategic relationships to acquire pipeline products and capital for R&D

The Pathway to Impact

Closing gaps in equitable access is a significant challenge and cannot be solved by any one organization alone. It is only through working with others that we can achieve meaningful change. As such, we are proud of the relationships we have formed with organizations to develop and distribute products in the U.S. and globally. These collaborations reflect diverse, yet complementary organizations that collectively contribute to support and uplift women.

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